My name is David Magliozzi and I am an accordionist from Boston, Massachusetts area.
Meet my new Duo with Ann Harter (vocals).
We call ourselves ‘Deja Vu.’





Theme Song from ‘La La Land’ played on my classic Sonola SS4 EF

Sonola SS7 Samples

413242_10152159326675389_1062370380_o   Insensatez / How Insensitive recorded live!

Here you may get a sense of David’s accordion style from select audio along with viewing accordion videos, the photo gallery.   David is most comfortable with Italian, French music  as well as American and Jazz standards.

scargo Here Comes the Sun  

 Video taken on location at Cape Cod Scargo Hill tower      


Need an accordionist or trio?

Please contact me at:   Accordiondavem@gmail.com

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