DadPortraitFilter.jpgDavid Magliozzi is a Boston-area accordionist and pianist who specializes in Italian, French, Irish, German, and Polish music as well as songs from the American Song Book.


He first began “playing out” at various music settings at age 13 has continued to be a lifetime student and performer of music. Among his current projects are a trio with a bass and trumpet, a duo with guitar, and a classical orchestra.

David often travels on accordion adventures around the country including to New Orleans to play in a procession during Marti Gras festivities. An excerpt from his 2016 performance at a Buffalo River reserve in Arkansas aired on NPR. In 2017, David composed the original score, performed in, and provided technical consultation for the short film Beeswax, filmed in Austin, Texas.

David performs with one of several accordions including a Victoria Poeta (Vicky) and a Sonola SS4 EF. He also conducts lessons available as in-person, Skype, or Facetime 1-hour slots.

To inquire about performances or lessons, David is best reached via email: damagliozzi@gmail.com.


Accordion: Frank Zygarowski, Roberto Cassan, Frank Petrilli, Dallas Viety

Piano: Bob Ayasse, Ferdinando Argenti, Alexei Tsiganov

Music in general: Bob Tyler, a multi-instrumentalist and retired educator in Burlington, MA; Tom Vento, retired educator in Burlington, MA


Frank Marocco, Richard Galliano, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, and countless others.


Accordions, Melodicas, Piano, PA, Baritone Ukulele